2024: Taking America Back

As we near the strike of a new calendar year, 2024 is sure to be one for the record books. It is an election year where Donald Trump is looking to take the White House back.

Since 2021, when Joe Biden took the White House in a very controversial election, we have gone through forced closures, vaccinations, seen extreme inflation that has flattened the lower middle class and those living under the poverty line. So to say Americans are looking forward to 2024 is probably an under statement.

2023 has brought non-stop attacks against Donald Trump including 4 indictments and ballot removal threats, such as Colorado’s Supreme Court’s 4-3 decision to drop him (or so it looked), & in Maine where the Secretary of State Shenna Bellows in a unilateral decision, to also remove Trump from the Ballot.

We have also seen record breaking illegal immigration at our Sothern border, where Joe Biden has essentially stopped enforcing our laws that have allowed over 10 million immigrants to cross over since 2021. To bring this into perspective, we only have 9 states in the US that have populations over 10 million people.

So as we start making our New Years goals as we do every year, be sure to plan for the unexpected, have your cameras ready to record, as we know the powers to be have a plan to keep Trump from gaining the nomination.

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