Are GMO’s to blame for Gender Dysphoria?

As many of you Gen Z can agree with me, when I say something is extremely different in our younger generations as they’re much softer men than when we grew up.

Note – This is not an attack on the trans community! This is an observation of why that community is exploding in size. 

If you’re in the least bit offended already, then this site is not for you and all you have to do is exit the stage left.

Now that I have published the disclaimer, lets get down to discussion. As I wonder about in the public (NW Washington State), I can’t help but notice how soft men are becoming. From man buns, to painted nails, it is rather obvious that the fabric of men, has changed drastically.

As I have always had my face in the science books, due to my trade being built off of it (Electricity), I am pretty good at finding rabbit holes. And I just came across some concerning information that I feel is worth bringing to a higher level of discussion.

Testosterone Levels are Decreasing in men!

In an article published back in 2007 in the National Library of Medicine  highlight the alarming change in levels of age specific men.

They published the following data;


Context: Age-specific estimates of mean testosterone (T) concentrations appear to vary by year of observation and by birth cohort, and estimates of longitudinal declines in T typically outstrip cross-sectional decreases. These observations motivate a hypothesis of a population-level decrease in T over calendar time, independent of chronological aging.

Objective: The goal of this study was to establish the magnitude of population-level changes in serum T concentrations and the degree to which they are explained by secular changes in relative weight and other factors.

Design: We describe a prospective cohort study of health and endocrine functioning in randomly selected men of age 45-79 yr. We provide three data collection waves: baseline (T1: 1987-1999) and two follow-ups (T2: 1995-1997, T3: 2002-2004).

Setting: This was an observational study of randomly selected men residing in greater Boston, Massachusetts.

Participants: Data obtained from 1374, 906, and 489 men at T1, T2, and T3, respectively, totaling 2769 observations taken on 1532 men.

Main outcome measures: The main outcome measures were serum total T and calculated bioavailable T.

Results: We observe a substantial age-independent decline in T that does not appear to be attributable to observed changes in explanatory factors, including health and lifestyle characteristics such as smoking and obesity. The estimated population-level declines are greater in magnitude than the cross-sectional declines in T typically associated with age.

Conclusions: These results indicate that recent years have seen a substantial, and as yet unrecognized, age-independent population-level decrease in T in American men, potentially attributable to birth cohort differences or to health or environmental effects not captured in observed data.

This is some serious information that has since been swept under the rug, while pushing really hard to hide the origins of the condition. And before you get tiffy on me saying a condition, save it because when they diagnose you with “Gender Dysphoria” makes it a condition.

When I grew up in the 90’s we did not have the amount of kids coming to school wanting to be different genders. Even the kids I would have labeled as the type, are not wearing dresses today with it being so accepted.

So now that we can agree this community has grown rapidly and exponentially, I think it is time to look into the origins so we can better treat those suffering this “Dysphoria” as it causes extremely high suicide rates.

I think if we look into the timing of this growth, it falls perfectly in line with the timing of GMO’s hitting the market. If you look around the world to look at other communities having this same condition, it seems to fall on western countries and those who buy our crops.

I think those simple facts, warrant the publics interest in launching a real investigation by independent scientist and doctors.. And what I mean by independent, I mean doctors from countries with no ties to our systems.

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