Governor Ron DeSantis’ Presidential Bid: A Risky Gamble for Florida and the GOP

In the fast-approaching 2024 presidential race, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida is poised to announce his bid, stepping into a high-stakes political arena alongside fellow Republican contenders, including former President Donald Trump. However, many ardent Trump supporters, who view DeSantis as an invaluable figure in Florida, perceive this move as ill-advised. Concerns are mounting over who would lead Florida if DeSantis were to become President, while others worry that his campaign could cause damage to the Republican Party. In this blog post, we delve into the potential ramifications of DeSantis’ presidential ambitions and assess the challenges he may face.

A Precarious Gamble:

It is not without reason that some observers view Governor DeSantis’ decision to challenge Donald Trump as a monumental gamble. Trump’s dominance within the Republican Party remains substantial, with polling indicating a lead of 30 to 40 points over other contenders. Failing to secure victory against the former President could be detrimental to DeSantis’ political career, relegating him to the same fate as the ill-fated Jeb Bush. The ramifications of such a defeat might reverberate far into the future, effectively erasing any prospects for a resurgence in 2028 or beyond.


The Trump Factor:

One of the primary obstacles standing in DeSantis’ path is the enduring popularity of Donald Trump. Despite facing multiple court cases and controversies, Trump’s appeal has continued to grow, seemingly transcending traditional political affiliations. In contrast, many individuals remain uncertain about what DeSantis truly represents and what sets him apart from Trump. Although he secured a resounding victory in Florida’s gubernatorial race, anecdotal evidence from recent visits to the state suggests that challenging Trump might not be met with widespread approval. Instead, some locals express the sentiment that DeSantis should bide his time and consider contesting the presidency in 2028.

A Fractured GOP:

Defeating Donald Trump could have unintended consequences for the Republican Party as a whole. The GOP already grapples with internal divisions, and a failed attempt by DeSantis to unite the various factions might further fracture the party’s base. Such divisions could significantly undermine the party’s chances in the general election, potentially playing into the hands of the Democratic Party. Therefore, DeSantis must confront the challenge of not only surpassing Trump’s overwhelming popularity but also preventing the GOP from descending into disarray.

While acknowledging the fallibility of personal predictions, it appears that Governor Ron DeSantis’ entry into the 2024 presidential race presents a significant risk. Donald Trump’s commanding lead within the Republican Party, coupled with potential damage to the GOP’s unity, casts doubt on DeSantis’ chances of success. Moreover, the outcome of this gamble could determine the trajectory of his political career, potentially limiting his future prospects. Only time will reveal whether DeSantis can close the gap and overcome the formidable challenges he faces, uniting the Republican Party and mounting a viable challenge against the Democrats. For now, however, the road to victory seems like a distant and uncertain prospect.

US Military struggles to recruit for second straight year under the Biden administration

The United States military is facing a recruiting crisis. Despite the fact that the country spends more on defense than any other nation in the world, the military is having a hard time finding new recruits to fill its ranks.j

There are several reasons for this recruiting crisis. One of the main reasons is the improving economy. With the unemployment rate at historic lows, many young people are choosing to pursue other career paths instead of joining the military. In addition, the military is competing with the private sector for top talent, making it difficult to attract and retain skilled individuals.

Another factor contributing to the recruiting crisis is the changing attitudes of young people towards the military. Unlike previous generations, many young people today are not as willing to serve their country through military service. There are several reasons for this, including the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the negative stereotypes associated with military service.

Finally, the military is also facing a demographic challenge. With the aging of the Baby Boomer generation, there are fewer young people available to serve in the military. This is further compounded by the fact that the military has strict age and health requirements, which can disqualify many potential recruits.

To address this recruiting crisis, the military has implemented several measures to attract new recruits. These include offering signing bonuses and increased pay, expanding educational and training opportunities, and increasing the use of social media and other digital platforms to reach potential recruits.

Despite these efforts, the recruiting crisis is far from over. The military must continue to adapt to changing attitudes and demographics if it hopes to maintain its readiness and capability in the face of growing threats around the world. This will require innovative thinking and a willingness to embrace new approaches to recruiting and retention. Only then can the military attract the next generation of warriors and meet the challenges of the future.


Democrats lowering the bar to attack Donald Trump, just may be setting their own traps

The Democrats may be falling into a trap with their repeated attempts to charge former President Donald Trump with various offenses. While the intentions of the Democrats may be to hold Trump accountable for his actions, there are some who believe that their actions are actually lowering the bar for what can be done to a former president. In fact, some argue that these actions may end up resulting in many Democrats being arrested for similar offenses in the future.

The argument goes like this: if Democrats succeed in charging Trump with various offenses, it sets a precedent for future political leaders to be charged with similar offenses after they leave office. This means that Democrats who engage in similar behavior could also be held accountable in the future. In other words, the Democrats are setting themselves up for a trap by lowering the bar for what can be done to a former president.

One example of this is the ongoing impeachment trial of Donald Trump. The impeachment is based on the allegation that Trump incited the January 6th insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. If Trump is convicted, it could set a precedent for future presidents to be impeached for similar offenses, including incitement of violence.

However, this could also result in Democrats being held accountable for inciting violence in the future. For example, if a Democratic president were to encourage protests that turn violent, they could be impeached and removed from office for incitement of violence. This could potentially result in a lot of Democrats being arrested and charged for similar offenses.

Another example is the ongoing investigation into the Trump Organization’s finances. If Trump is found guilty of financial crimes, it could set a precedent for future presidents to be investigated for similar offenses. This means that Democrats who engage in similar behavior could also be investigated and charged in the future.

While the Democrats may be motivated by a desire to hold Trump accountable for his actions, they may be unwittingly setting themselves up for future legal troubles. By lowering the bar for what can be done to a former president, they may end up creating a dangerous precedent that could be used against them in the future.

In conclusion, the theory that the Democrats are falling into a trap with all the charges on Trump is a valid one. While their intentions may be noble, their actions may end up creating a dangerous precedent that could be used against them in the future. It remains to be seen whether the Democrats will be able to navigate this trap successfully, but it is clear that they need to be careful about the precedent they are setting.

Peoplez Newz

“Died Suddenly & Unexpectedly” is growing exponentially faster & younger

As our leaders are groveling over how to spend our tax money, people all around the world are dropping at exponential rates.

Just in the last month we have seen at least 30 sudden and unexplained deaths in prominent people and its gaining momentum at alarming rates. Just this last week we have see 2 NFL players die at young ages, and 2 children die of cardiac arrest. This is not talking about the people we have seen collapse and survive, as Damar Hamlin and several young basketball players collapsed with cardiac arrest and survived.

Still our leadership ignores the common denominator in those dying. A report released by Australia, shows that those that are triple and quadrupled vaccinated are dying at the highest rates.

Why are we not getting any investigation into why people are collapsing everywhere?

I will tell you why, and that is because they know it will lead to many people going to prison for lying to the American people for profit.

My brother and I share articles every time we see a new sudden death in someone young, and since last Monday when Damar Hamlin collapsed on Monday night football, here are the names of mostly public that have collapsed or died suddenly;

  1. American Pickers “Frank Fritz” – Stroke – Recovering
  2. Influencer Elena Huelva, 20 years old – Cancer – Deceased
  3. Blayne Tucker owner of the Mix dies suddenly at 42 years old
  4. Italian soccer star Gianluca Valli dies of cancer at 58
  5. Tristan Thompson’s mom dies unexpectedly
  6. Voice of NFL Bills John Murphy suffers stroke
  7. Gregory Yee, a breaking news reporter for LA time dies at 33
  8. 16 year old Las Vegas female student athlete dies of cardiac arrest
  9. Hawaii MMA rising star Victoria Lee, dies at age 18 of cardiac arrest
  10. Collage Basketball player for Old Dominion collapses during game against Georgia Sothern
  11. Reporter Andrew Prue’s wife has a cardiac arrest
  12. Adam Rich ‘eight is enough’ star dies at age 54 (cause not yet released)
  13. White Sox closer Liam Hendricks announces he has cancer
  14. Uchechukwu Nwaneri, former NFL Eagles player dies of cardiac arrest at age 38
  15. Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey announces he has cancer
  16. Massachusetts’s state police report 3 officers that died in one week, John Santos, Sean Besarick, and Christopher Davis
  17. Dori Monson a Seattle DJ dies of cardia arrest at age 61
  18. NBA champ Tristan Thompson’s mother dies after heart attack

This is 18 stories that have come across my feed in just the last 7 days. Simply way too many to go back any further. You can only imagine the numbers of those we are not hearing about.

If you want to get a sense of how bad it is, just go to Go Fund Me and type in your local area alone the phrase ” Died Suddenly” or “Cardiac Arrest”, and you will see how young people are dying.

My biggest concern is the rate at which these stories are happening. When me and my brother started sharing the stories, it was like once or twice a week. Today it has been several time a day.

But unfortunately until it is a hundred a day, our leaders will be more concerned with Ukraine than your health.  That is unless “We The People” bind together and demand action!




Demar Hamlin collapses on the field and the NFL game was suspended

Everyone watching the Monday Night’s game with the Buffalo Bills vs Cincinnati Bengals, were left horrified after Bills Safety Demar Hamlin collapses after making a tackle with 5:58 seconds in the 1st quarter of the game.

Demar was quickly attended too on the field, and they had to use CPR for several long minutes, before loading him in the ambulance.

As a life long NFL fan, I have never seen a player make that kind of tackle and collapse the way he did. The only times I have seen this kind of collapse was after a cardiac arrest.

Lets just pray that this young man survives this tragic event, and we will keep you updated on any changes.

You bring the stories & we will publish them

People’z New’z is trying to change the game in media. We have combined social media and news together in hopes that we can take stories from regular people, and help them monetize if it gains attention.

So we need your help to grow this amazing site & bring news back to people they help create. I will walk you through the site features and hope you will come join us.

First is our News Feed

Just like Facebook we have a news feed, where you can post any story you feel is important to share, and if it gains attention we will publish it and convert to a pay per view story. How the pay per view works is people will buy credits for say 10 per $1 and if they click on your story, they will pay 1 credit. This is a great way to help content creators get paid.

The next page is our National News page

If we get a good story from you, we will publish it on our National News page in hopes that it will gain attention so we can monetize it for you.

Next is our Local News Groups

In here we will have you posting anything about your local community.

Next is our News Channels, where we have all your main stream Channels like Fox & CNN

And our last important page is our stores page, where you can buy products from your local group to help support them.

We are very much brand new to the game and this will undoubtedly take time to build, but we are hopeful that our way of building stories and making average people the reporters, will make us a more desired publication.

If you are interested in participating, please contact me personally and lets build something special together!




COVID-19 origins were swept under the rug by Fauci & aided by liberal media

A bombshell article published by Fox News earlier this week about Intel reports of COVID-19 origins, being a part of China’s Bio Weapon program, and the liberal media outlets are once again trying to sweep this news under the rug.

The CDC has a world report of almost 6.7 million people being killed by the novel corona virus, called COVID-19, & leftist media isn’t covering the story.

This is not what you would expect from a news station, but in todays world of media, it is all about the narrative being pushed by the progressive party. This should outrage their readers, considering it is people in their families and communities dying.

They have also courted Fauci for his work on this pandemic, while ignoring the ties he has with the likely origins of COVID. It was discovered early in the pandemic, that Fauci funded the Wuhan Lab that is believed to have leaked the deadly virus.

When Fauci was confronted with this information on May 11th 2020, he told the American people that the NIH did not fund the Wuhan Lab for gain of function research. As heard in this video, Fauci tries to explain to Rand Paul, that taking a virus that only lives in animals, and giving it the ability to transmit to other host, “was in fact not gain of function”.


That statement will soon bite Fauci in the ass, as the Republicans gain control of the House next month, and will have subpoena power to investigate the many oddities that occurred during the pandemic.

I for one, can’t wait for January 21st!