Governor Ron DeSantis’ Presidential Bid: A Risky Gamble for Florida and the GOP

In the fast-approaching 2024 presidential race, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida is poised to announce his bid, stepping into a high-stakes political arena alongside fellow Republican contenders, including former President Donald Trump. However, many ardent Trump supporters, who view DeSantis as an invaluable figure in Florida, perceive this move as ill-advised. Concerns are mounting over who would lead Florida if DeSantis were to become President, while others worry that his campaign could cause damage to the Republican Party. In this blog post, we delve into the potential ramifications of DeSantis’ presidential ambitions and assess the challenges he may face.

A Precarious Gamble:

It is not without reason that some observers view Governor DeSantis’ decision to challenge Donald Trump as a monumental gamble. Trump’s dominance within the Republican Party remains substantial, with polling indicating a lead of 30 to 40 points over other contenders. Failing to secure victory against the former President could be detrimental to DeSantis’ political career, relegating him to the same fate as the ill-fated Jeb Bush. The ramifications of such a defeat might reverberate far into the future, effectively erasing any prospects for a resurgence in 2028 or beyond.


The Trump Factor:

One of the primary obstacles standing in DeSantis’ path is the enduring popularity of Donald Trump. Despite facing multiple court cases and controversies, Trump’s appeal has continued to grow, seemingly transcending traditional political affiliations. In contrast, many individuals remain uncertain about what DeSantis truly represents and what sets him apart from Trump. Although he secured a resounding victory in Florida’s gubernatorial race, anecdotal evidence from recent visits to the state suggests that challenging Trump might not be met with widespread approval. Instead, some locals express the sentiment that DeSantis should bide his time and consider contesting the presidency in 2028.

A Fractured GOP:

Defeating Donald Trump could have unintended consequences for the Republican Party as a whole. The GOP already grapples with internal divisions, and a failed attempt by DeSantis to unite the various factions might further fracture the party’s base. Such divisions could significantly undermine the party’s chances in the general election, potentially playing into the hands of the Democratic Party. Therefore, DeSantis must confront the challenge of not only surpassing Trump’s overwhelming popularity but also preventing the GOP from descending into disarray.

While acknowledging the fallibility of personal predictions, it appears that Governor Ron DeSantis’ entry into the 2024 presidential race presents a significant risk. Donald Trump’s commanding lead within the Republican Party, coupled with potential damage to the GOP’s unity, casts doubt on DeSantis’ chances of success. Moreover, the outcome of this gamble could determine the trajectory of his political career, potentially limiting his future prospects. Only time will reveal whether DeSantis can close the gap and overcome the formidable challenges he faces, uniting the Republican Party and mounting a viable challenge against the Democrats. For now, however, the road to victory seems like a distant and uncertain prospect.

Democrats lowering the bar to attack Donald Trump, just may be setting their own traps

The Democrats may be falling into a trap with their repeated attempts to charge former President Donald Trump with various offenses. While the intentions of the Democrats may be to hold Trump accountable for his actions, there are some who believe that their actions are actually lowering the bar for what can be done to a former president. In fact, some argue that these actions may end up resulting in many Democrats being arrested for similar offenses in the future.

The argument goes like this: if Democrats succeed in charging Trump with various offenses, it sets a precedent for future political leaders to be charged with similar offenses after they leave office. This means that Democrats who engage in similar behavior could also be held accountable in the future. In other words, the Democrats are setting themselves up for a trap by lowering the bar for what can be done to a former president.

One example of this is the ongoing impeachment trial of Donald Trump. The impeachment is based on the allegation that Trump incited the January 6th insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. If Trump is convicted, it could set a precedent for future presidents to be impeached for similar offenses, including incitement of violence.

However, this could also result in Democrats being held accountable for inciting violence in the future. For example, if a Democratic president were to encourage protests that turn violent, they could be impeached and removed from office for incitement of violence. This could potentially result in a lot of Democrats being arrested and charged for similar offenses.

Another example is the ongoing investigation into the Trump Organization’s finances. If Trump is found guilty of financial crimes, it could set a precedent for future presidents to be investigated for similar offenses. This means that Democrats who engage in similar behavior could also be investigated and charged in the future.

While the Democrats may be motivated by a desire to hold Trump accountable for his actions, they may be unwittingly setting themselves up for future legal troubles. By lowering the bar for what can be done to a former president, they may end up creating a dangerous precedent that could be used against them in the future.

In conclusion, the theory that the Democrats are falling into a trap with all the charges on Trump is a valid one. While their intentions may be noble, their actions may end up creating a dangerous precedent that could be used against them in the future. It remains to be seen whether the Democrats will be able to navigate this trap successfully, but it is clear that they need to be careful about the precedent they are setting.

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Nancy Pelosi & the FBI will surely face a fierce investigation over recently released evidence over the Jan. 6th riots

With Republicans taking control of the house in a few short weeks, Nancy Pelosi and heads of the FBI should be very worried as subpoena powers shift.

We have been through 4 years of harsh interrogations and non-stop attacks on the former president Donald Trump, with several Trump associates going to prison mostly over lying to congress. Given how low they set the bar for a conviction, Nancy and her squad should be very worried as stacks of evidence awaits to be answered by them.

Some of her biggest stunts include 2 failed attempts to remove Trump from power, and the latest evidence released by Twitter, showing the governments involvement in suppressing factual news that could have altered the election.

House Republicans have also gathered a trove of text and email messages, proving Nancy was directly involved with denying resources that “time after time”, as  stated by security officials responsible for the failed January 6th raid of the capital.

Those internal discussions were just made public on Wednesday December 21st by Republicans Jim Jordan, Rodney Davis, Jim Banks, Troy Nehls & Kelly Armstrong. They stated that this evidence was deliberately ignored by the democrats leading the investigation.

Nancy’s intended failures deserves it’s own investigation, for dereliction of duty along with anyone involved with decision making.

Republican law makers will be under extreme pressure to hold everyone accountable, or face losing their seats.

Twitter Files, Part 7 ” FBI & DOJ discredit factual evidence of Hunter Biden laptop

We are now on part 7 of the Twitter files, where new Owner Elon Musk has promised to bring transparency to the public, to regain trust and to protect democracy.

Before we dive into the latest file drop, lets take a quick recount of how we got here from the first files dropped and what has been exposed in each one.

Twitter Files Part 1: Elon Musk shares sensitive old Twitter’s employees conversation revealing censorship on the platform…

World’s richest man and new Twitter boss Elon Musk on Saturday released the first part of his ‘expose’ called the ‘Twitter Files’. Released with an independent journalist Matt Taibbi, the Twitter Files part 1 shows the social media platform’s internal exchange with the campaign team of US President Joe Biden during the 2020 US Elections.

The expose reveals the inside story behind Twitter’s decision to censor the story around President Biden’s son Hunter’s laptop. Titled, “The Twitter Files, Part One: How and Why Twitter Blocked the Hunter Biden Laptop Story”, a series of tweets claimed that Twitter took “extraordinary steps” to suppress the story on Biden’s secret emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop published by New York Post in October 2020.

The company removed links to the story from the platform and discouraged users by posting warnings that the content may be “unsafe”. Twitter even blocked transmission via direct messages using a tool “hitherto reserved for extreme cases, e.g. child pornography”.

It was further revealed that while the decision was made at the “highest levels of the company”, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey did not have knowledge. Twitter’s former head of legal, policy and trust Vijaya Gadde played a key role, Taibbi added.

Twitter Files Part 2: Twitters Secret Blacklist…

A new #TwitterFiles investigation reveals that teams of Twitter employees build blacklists, prevent disfavored tweets from trending, and actively limit the visibility of entire accounts or even trending topics—all in secret, without informing users. 

Twitter Files Part 3: The Removal of Donald Trump Part 1 – October 2020-January 6th

This instalment discusses the decisions behind the removal of formal president Donald Trump.

As soon as they finished banning Trump, Twitter execs started processing new power. They prepared to ban future presidents and White Houses – perhaps even Joe Biden. The “new administration,” says one exec, “will not be suspended by Twitter unless absolutely necessary.”

Twitter executives removed Trump in part over what one executive called the “context surrounding”: actions by Trump and supporters “over the course of the election and frankly last 4+ years.” In the end, they looked at a broad picture. But that approach can cut both ways.

Twitter Files Part 4: Executives’ approach to ‘change of policy for Trump alone

“On Jan 7, senior Twitter execs: – create justifications to ban Trump – seek a change of policy for Trump alone, distinct from other political leaders – express no concern for the free speech or democracy implications of a ban This #TwitterFiles is reported with @lwoodhouse,” the first post read

Twitter Files Part 5: Staffers who didn’t believe Trump violated ‘incitement’ policy

The fifth installment of Elon Musk’s “Twitter Files” Monday revealed that staffers believed that tweets written by former President Donald Trump around the events of Jan. 6, 2021, had not actually violated its policies despite the company saying so at the time.

“For years, Twitter had resisted calls both internal and external to ban Trump on the grounds that blocking a world leader from the platform or removing their controversial tweets would hide important information that people should be able to see and debate,” Bari Weiss of The Free Press wrote toward the beginning of her thread on Monday. “But after January 6, as @mtaibbi and @shellenbergermd have documented, pressure grew, both inside and outside of Twitter, to ban Trump.”

Twitter Files Part 6: FBI’s ties to tech giant: ‘As if it were a subsidiary’

“The Twitter Files are revealing more every day about how the government collects, analyzes, and flags your social media content. Twitter’s contact with the FBI was constant and pervasive, as if it were a subsidiary,” Taibbi began the thread on Friday.

“Between January 2020 and November 2022, there were over 150 emails between the FBI and former Twitter Trust and Safety chief Yoel Roth… a surprisingly high number are requests by the FBI for Twitter to take action on election misinformation, even involving joke tweets from low-follower accounts.”

The FBI’s social media task force established after the 2016 presidential election that assigned as many as “80 agents” to monitor foreign interference prominently featured in the Twitter Files.

“Do agencies like FBI and DHS do in-house flagging work themselves, or farm it out? ‘You have to prove to me that inside the fucking government you can do any kind of massive data or AI search,’ says one former intelligence officer,”

“In Twitter Files #6, we saw the FBI relentlessly seek to exercise influence over Twitter, including over its content, its users, and its data,” Shellenberger wrote, later adding, “We have discovered new info that points to an organized effort by the intel community to influence Twitter & other platforms.”

Twitter Files Part 7:  FBI, DOJ ‘discredited’ information about Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings…

Today the bombshell story is how the FBI discredited factual information about the Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.  The lengthy Twitter thread reveals what Shellenberger calls an “influence campaign” by the FBI that eventually “worked” when Twitter censored Hunter Biden’s scandalous laptop.

118th congress will convene on January 3rd, 2023 and the Republicans take control of the house. This needs to be the first objective they begin. No republican should sleep more than 4 hours a night, until the American people get answers and people go to prison.

We will not except anything less!

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Did the FBI commit any crimes?

Elon Musk dropped the 6th set of Twitter files and produced another bombshell story. “The FBI was working with Twitter, censoring and banning accounts of conservatives and others that went against the narrative driven by the work left.

This is of great concern given they were playing thought police, and canceling anything they deemed to be a threat to the Biden campaign. Every American, regardless of party affiliation should be on the phone demanding action be taken. The consequences of not, is a direct threat to our democracy.

They even call themselves the “National Election Command Post (NECP)”. Let that sink in for a minute before responding because that in itself is the fabric of a totalitarian regime.

In a Fox News Report on the situation,  they reported;

In one situation, “In an internal email from November 5, 2022, the FBI’s National Election Command Post, which compiles and sends on complaints, sent the SF field office a long list of accounts that ‘may warrant additional action,’” Taibbi wrote on Twitter.

In the Tweet, the independent journalist shared a screenshot of an email dated November 5, 2022, from the FBI’s National Election Command Post to the agency’s field office in San Francisco, where Twitter headquarters is located.

The National Election Command Post (NECP), wrote that it was “made aware of Tweets by certain accounts that may warrant additional action due to the accounts being utilized to spread misinformation about the upcoming election.” The account belonging to Billy Baldwin, who is the brother of Alec and Stephen Baldwin, was included on the list.

In the email, the NECP requested “coordination” with the tech company to “determine if the accounts it identified had violated Twitter’s terms of service and may be subject to any actions deemed appropriate by Twitter.”

It also requested the “issuance of preservation letters regarding the accounts identified below in order to preserve subscriber information and content information pending the issuance of legal process.”

In addition, the NECP requested “any location information associated with the accounts that Twitter will voluntarily provide to aid the FBI assigning any follow-up deemed necessary to the appropriate FBI field office.”

In the next tweet, Taibbi posted a screenshot of an email from Nov. 6 in which an FBI San Francisco agent forwarded the list to “Twitter folks.”

A Twitter employee responded the morning of November 8, indicating which accounts had been suspended, either temporarily or permanently, and which had had tweets removed.

Baldwin's account was not suspended in the action, and Twitter also spared several other accounts that the FBI had named, including RSB Network. 

Baldwin’s account was not suspended in the action, and Twitter also spared several other accounts that the FBI had named, including RSB Network.  (Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

Baldwin’s account was not suspended in the action, and Twitter also spared several other accounts that the FBI had named, including RSB Network. 

“Twitter then replied with its list of actions taken. Note mercy shown to actor Billy Baldwin,” Taibbi wrote in the next tweet.

End of Fox report

The actions taken by the FBI, to censor Americans and submit request for further action, raise a ton of ethical and legal questions that will be gone through for years to come. We have watched department after department, used as a political weapon against anyone associated with former President Donald Trump.

If this is the standard we allow to be set, I assure the other party will use these tactics when given the opportunity. There is no greater suppression, than driving fear into anyone who dare challenge the party who controls these departments. I personally will never run for a public office due to the fact, my opponent could come after me for any legal reason they can to have me removed.

This is exactly how democracies are destroyed. Just ask Venezuela or Germany.

Tik Tok’s days are numbered

Tik Tok is undoubtedly the most dangerous app on the market today, not just for the harm to children, but as a spy tool for the CCP.

Rubio spoke out early on about the threat TikTok poses. Others who have raised concern include FBI Director Christopher Wray, who sounded the alarm, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, who said parents should be concerned about the platform

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi supports the inclusion of language banning TikTok on government devices in the omnibus spending bill she hopes to pass by the end of next week.

Pelosi told reporters on Capitol Hill that she would support adding the ban to a $1.7 trillion spending bill that funds the government until the end of Sept. 30, 2023.

Earlier this week, legislation banning the video-sharing app on government devices passed the Senate unanimously. The ban was introduced by Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri alongside Republican Sens. Rick Scott and Marco Rubio of Florida well as Tom Cotton of Arkansas

So it is not a matter of if, but a matter of when.

Parents need to get their kids off that app as soon as possible as the app also supports pedophilia given last week I had my account banned permanently for sharing Elon Musk’s Twitter post, where they found 10,000,000 hours of child porn watched on the platform. This is really important news that should be heard by parents, as it shows the dangers of children on social media sites.

If I am being banned for sharing this kind of important news, one can only fear what they have on that app.



COVID-19 origins were swept under the rug by Fauci & aided by liberal media

A bombshell article published by Fox News earlier this week about Intel reports of COVID-19 origins, being a part of China’s Bio Weapon program, and the liberal media outlets are once again trying to sweep this news under the rug.

The CDC has a world report of almost 6.7 million people being killed by the novel corona virus, called COVID-19, & leftist media isn’t covering the story.

This is not what you would expect from a news station, but in todays world of media, it is all about the narrative being pushed by the progressive party. This should outrage their readers, considering it is people in their families and communities dying.

They have also courted Fauci for his work on this pandemic, while ignoring the ties he has with the likely origins of COVID. It was discovered early in the pandemic, that Fauci funded the Wuhan Lab that is believed to have leaked the deadly virus.

When Fauci was confronted with this information on May 11th 2020, he told the American people that the NIH did not fund the Wuhan Lab for gain of function research. As heard in this video, Fauci tries to explain to Rand Paul, that taking a virus that only lives in animals, and giving it the ability to transmit to other host, “was in fact not gain of function”.


That statement will soon bite Fauci in the ass, as the Republicans gain control of the House next month, and will have subpoena power to investigate the many oddities that occurred during the pandemic.

I for one, can’t wait for January 21st!

Immigrant attacked for doing what he was taught by Leftist

When you read this headline I am sure the first thing you thought, was a conservative was doing his normal racist activity and beating up those they disagree with. But you would be wrong! I am actually talking about radical liberals attacking Elon Musk for simply upholding his rules at twitter.

Yesterday, Elon had suspended the accounts of several journalists for Doxing his location, after Elon had warned he applied new rules to Twitter, in order to protect him and his family from recent threats.
This caused a massive uproar from the radical media that has often celebrated the cancellation of many opposition figures, like former President Donald Trump.

Since Elon has taken over Twitter, he has cleaned house with radical employees who shared in the censoring of the American people. The biggest uproar has come from him firing back at woke employees over  gender pronouns, when he tweeted his were “Prosecute/Fauci”.

That tweet came after many bombshell file drops (also called “The Twitter Files”) revealing how the company had came to decisions to ban public figures like Trump..

Since those file drops, the incoming house majority has stated they will be opening investigations into Twitter, as they believe many crimes were committed by former top employees.

The American People deserve transparency not only from our government, but from powerful platforms like Twitter, that can alter natural elections through abusive tactics, like quieting public figures with algorithms designed to kill threatening stories.

The most popular story as of today is the Hunter Biden laptop, where he was alleged to have sold American access to places like China.

So lets sit back and continue to watch the sparks fly as Elon regains public trust, and enjoy watching these radical leftist lose their once powerful tool.

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