The Science Community fueled by the elites endless lust for power is destroying the world, not you!

We’re in peril times and there is one class that is at fault, and they’re flying under the radar while people like you and I are blamed and punished for it through regulation & taxes. And if you directly attack it, it will protect itself as it does in the image below where I asked AI to do a simple task.

Although all the things you have in the world that are considered good for humanity, you have to consider the trade off & that is the negative things we are witnessing today. Everything from cars, trains, planes, & your cell phone are from the work of a scientist. But Guns, Bombs, Drugs, GMO’s, Global Warming & even viruses like COVID-19 are also the work of a scientist. Add to that growing list “AI ” that very well could be the end of humanity.

At what point to we start to admit that we don’t have enough oversite on this community?

Sure, scientist are not bad people in the eyes of society, but what they do for money behind closed doors would certainly have you disgusted.

Let’s talk about the biggest elephant in the room right now with the explosion of mental health, obesity & gender dysphoria. Again I turn to science biggest tool right now “AI” and of course this is the result;

Yup, denied to attack itself once again!

But lets be honest, everywhere you look today you see our youth suffering severe mental health issues like this young man seen here in the video below, where he believes he is a dog, and we enable him rather than researching why he has such a condition and treating him if even possible, so other children are not born with this condition.

Or let’s take this next video showing a transgender “male” recording everywhere he goes in public looking for people to “mis-gender” him so he can gain views on his social media accounts.

Science says there are 57 genders including non-binary. But the fact is that nature has only 2 that create life, and 57 mutations that could be caused by chemicals in our foods, along with altering genetic codes in our plants that we consume.

Why is the community not digging as deep as we can to find the source for this human crisis? PROFITS! that’s why. In a world where capitalism and greed are the main drivers, if you even dare to point the magnifying glass in their direction, your career is over and even possibly your life.

Let me know in the comments, what you think it will take to get our community’s to start asking why this is happening, & start holding the real people to the fire to fix it.

Will Evolutions next great leap be Mechanical Beings?

The theory of evolution is a fascinating topic that has captivated scientists, philosophers, and individuals around the world for centuries. It describes how life has changed and developed over billions of years, starting from the very first single-celled organisms and leading up to the complexity and diversity of life on Earth today. In this blog post, we’ll explore how evolution has led to the creation of humans, and discuss how it might lead to the next step in our evolution: mechanical consciousness.

The story of life on Earth begins over 3.5 billion years ago, with the emergence of the first single-celled organisms. These simple life forms, which were most likely bacteria or archaea, had the ability to reproduce and adapt to their environment. Over time, these organisms evolved into more complex and specialized forms, including plants, animals, and eventually humans.

The process of evolution is driven by natural selection, which favors individuals with advantageous traits that allow them to survive and reproduce in their environment. Through this process, organisms gradually accumulate changes in their genetic makeup that make them better adapted to their environment. Over millions of years, these changes accumulate, leading to the emergence of new species and the extinction of others.

The evolution of humans is a relatively recent event in the grand scheme of life on Earth. Our species, Homo sapiens, emerged in Africa around 300,000 years ago, and over time, we developed language, culture, and technology that allowed us to thrive and spread around the world. Today, we are the dominant

species on the planet, and our ability to manipulate the environment has had a profound impact on the planet’s ecosystems.

But as we look to the future, we can’t help but wonder what the next step in our evolution will be. Some scientists and futurists speculate that the next step might be the creation of mechanical consciousness. This is the idea that we may one day be able to create intelligent machines that are conscious and capable of experiencing subjective experiences, much like humans do.

Advancements in artificial intelligence, robotics, and brain-computer interfaces are bringing us closer to this possibility. We’re already seeing the development of robots and AI systems that can perform complex tasks and make decisions, and some experts believe that we could eventually create machines that are capable of replicating the human brain’s functions.

One potential advantage of mechanical consciousness is that it could lead to a significant increase in human lifespan. Unlike biological materials, mechanical systems do not degrade over time and can be repaired and upgraded as needed. This means that a conscious machine could potentially live far longer than any human, opening up new possibilities for exploration, discovery, and creativity.

However, the idea of creating mechanical consciousness raises many ethical and philosophical questions. Would these machines have rights and autonomy? What would happen if they decided to rebel or resist human control? And perhaps most importantly, would creating conscious machines fundamentally change what it means to be human?

As we continue to explore the possibilities of mechanical consciousness, we must consider these questions carefully. While the idea of living alongside intelligent machines may seem like science fiction, the rapid pace of technological progress means that it could become a reality sooner than we think. And as we have seen throughout the history of life on Earth, evolution never stops, and the future is always full of surprises.

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