Pascal Najadi, the son of WEF co-founder Hussain Najadi, is calling for the arrest of Bill Gates and other WEF leadership

Pascal Najadi who is the son of the co-founder of the WEF is calling for the arrest of Bill Gates, Klause Schwab, & other leaders for the Democide committed during the Pandemic. He claims he and his mother are both dying from the m-RNA experiment given to 5.7 billion people. Click the video below to watch for yourself.

People are flocking to Twitter for free speech

As Elon Musk enters his 4th week as the new owner of Twitter, people are flocking to the site for its newly founded free speech.

Alexandria Cortez recently tweeted out her disgust in Twitter for threatening Twitter employees that do not follow instructions to work harder or be fired.

To which Elon replied you’re welcome!
Shortly after he posted again stating that Twitter is breaking records for activity.

Musk purchased Twitter for a reported 44 billion dollars and took the company private so the platform could be a place to support free speech.
Liberals like AOC, did not like the move and have been actively attacking companies that advertise on Twitter in order to hit Elon in the pocket book.

Twitter was the first platform to start canceling people when they banned former President Donald Trump for the January 6th protest that led to patrons entering the capital. Since then cancel culture has cancelled hundreds of public figures that did not go with the leftist narrative.

Elon fell onto the right side of the platform during the COVID-19 pandemic, when he was fighting to keep up his production. He actively spoke out against mandates and even moved out the the state of California, to Texas where they did not close businesses.

Since his purchase, he has thrown around many ideas on how to make up for the lost revenue, i.e. charging a monthly $8 fee for the Blue Checkmarks that celebrities get for verification. He faced strong backlash from celebrities, Like AOC, that do not want to pay anything for their use of the platform.

I have also taken more to twitter since the purchase as I support free speech for all, including those I don’t agree with. The very foundation of our Democratic Republic depends of free speech that brings tons of great ideas to the table. This is why it was written in our Constitution first.

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