Come join People’z New’z and lets build an informed community of like minded

If you clicked this link, it’s because you’re against the censorship of big tech and the left wing dictatorship.

Well I have good news for you, and that is I build social media sites and am inviting you to come join my news forum that has is built on social media software, where we can organize better information.

My vision is to have a platform where us average people can freely share important information without being censored or suppressed.

I am also in need of other writers who can help with content. Even if it’s just blogging about stuff that isn’t main stream news.
So please come join me and let’s build a small community of like minded people.

If you’re interested just click on News Feed and sign up.
If you’re interested in writing or blogging I will give full partnerships to anyone that helps build the site up. Though I’ll warn, it’s an extremely tough business to make money in, and is likely just going to be a hobby for us .

Hope to see you there !

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The Peoplez Newz!


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