COVID-19 origins were swept under the rug by Fauci & aided by liberal media

A bombshell article published by Fox News earlier this week about Intel reports of COVID-19 origins, being a part of China’s Bio Weapon program, and the liberal media outlets are once again trying to sweep this news under the rug.

The CDC has a world report of almost 6.7 million people being killed by the novel corona virus, called COVID-19, & leftist media isn’t covering the story.

This is not what you would expect from a news station, but in todays world of media, it is all about the narrative being pushed by the progressive party. This should outrage their readers, considering it is people in their families and communities dying.

They have also courted Fauci for his work on this pandemic, while ignoring the ties he has with the likely origins of COVID. It was discovered early in the pandemic, that Fauci funded the Wuhan Lab that is believed to have leaked the deadly virus.

When Fauci was confronted with this information on May 11th 2020, he told the American people that the NIH did not fund the Wuhan Lab for gain of function research. As heard in this video, Fauci tries to explain to Rand Paul, that taking a virus that only lives in animals, and giving it the ability to transmit to other host, “was in fact not gain of function”.


That statement will soon bite Fauci in the ass, as the Republicans gain control of the House next month, and will have subpoena power to investigate the many oddities that occurred during the pandemic.

I for one, can’t wait for January 21st!

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