“Died Suddenly & Unexpectedly” is growing exponentially faster & younger

As our leaders are groveling over how to spend our tax money, people all around the world are dropping at exponential rates.

Just in the last month we have seen at least 30 sudden and unexplained deaths in prominent people and its gaining momentum at alarming rates. Just this last week we have see 2 NFL players die at young ages, and 2 children die of cardiac arrest. This is not talking about the people we have seen collapse and survive, as Damar Hamlin and several young basketball players collapsed with cardiac arrest and survived.

Still our leadership ignores the common denominator in those dying. A report released by Australia, shows that those that are triple and quadrupled vaccinated are dying at the highest rates.

Why are we not getting any investigation into why people are collapsing everywhere?

I will tell you why, and that is because they know it will lead to many people going to prison for lying to the American people for profit.

My brother and I share articles every time we see a new sudden death in someone young, and since last Monday when Damar Hamlin collapsed on Monday night football, here are the names of mostly public that have collapsed or died suddenly;

  1. American Pickers “Frank Fritz” – Stroke – Recovering
  2. Influencer Elena Huelva, 20 years old – Cancer – Deceased
  3. Blayne Tucker owner of the Mix dies suddenly at 42 years old
  4. Italian soccer star Gianluca Valli dies of cancer at 58
  5. Tristan Thompson’s mom dies unexpectedly
  6. Voice of NFL Bills John Murphy suffers stroke
  7. Gregory Yee, a breaking news reporter for LA time dies at 33
  8. 16 year old Las Vegas female student athlete dies of cardiac arrest
  9. Hawaii MMA rising star Victoria Lee, dies at age 18 of cardiac arrest
  10. Collage Basketball player for Old Dominion collapses during game against Georgia Sothern
  11. Reporter Andrew Prue’s wife has a cardiac arrest
  12. Adam Rich ‘eight is enough’ star dies at age 54 (cause not yet released)
  13. White Sox closer Liam Hendricks announces he has cancer
  14. Uchechukwu Nwaneri, former NFL Eagles player dies of cardiac arrest at age 38
  15. Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey announces he has cancer
  16. Massachusetts’s state police report 3 officers that died in one week, John Santos, Sean Besarick, and Christopher Davis
  17. Dori Monson a Seattle DJ dies of cardia arrest at age 61
  18. NBA champ Tristan Thompson’s mother dies after heart attack

This is 18 stories that have come across my feed in just the last 7 days. Simply way too many to go back any further. You can only imagine the numbers of those we are not hearing about.

If you want to get a sense of how bad it is, just go to Go Fund Me and type in your local area alone the phrase ” Died Suddenly” or “Cardiac Arrest”, and you will see how young people are dying.

My biggest concern is the rate at which these stories are happening. When me and my brother started sharing the stories, it was like once or twice a week. Today it has been several time a day.

But unfortunately until it is a hundred a day, our leaders will be more concerned with Ukraine than your health.  That is unless “We The People” bind together and demand action!




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