Died Suddenly Worldwide is full of horrific stories

Last week I joined a Facebook group called “Died Suddenly Worldwide”, that is now over 50,000 members and growing.

This group is full of stories about real people suffering from the mRNA experiment. So I decided to make a post, asking the group their personal experiences after the mRNA experiment, to see if others are noticing the same trends in their circles.

After getting approved, the stories started pouring in and it is sad how common life has become for us since 2021.

To give you a sense of our reality, I’ll share a few replies.

One story reads ” We have lost 7 people this year. 2 just dropped dead. Turbo can sirs & all kinds of stuff. This year has been a nightmare.”

” A small example, 4 salon workers all with 2 or more cookies, now 2 have cancer. 7 offices at work 14 staff members, all but me with 0 the other 13 with 2 and up to 5 cookies, 1 lumps in lymph glands waiting results, 4 new autoimmune disorders, graves, gastro intestinal disorders, 1 has had the vi ris 8 times, 2 another’s 3 times, another 5 times, 1 waiting results of her scans of her ovaries. I have to take all sorts of supplements and regiments to keep their shedding pheromones from poisoning me as well.”

” In the past 3 weeks my sister in law has lost her uncle and a co worker to 💗 attack and her father in law just had one a week after her uncle passed, fortunately he survived but very poorly, they all had 4 cookies, my uncle passed of an aneu rysm after his second cookie, and a family freind passed within 3 months after his second cookie of stomach complications.i know of a few other people who passed of sudden onset c a nc er, and my partner freinds mum was out shopping and passed before she hit the floor, and the same freinds son inlaw aged 23 had bl ood clo ts in his lungs after his first cookie, all previously healthy prior to cookies”

As you may notice they have to use code words just to talk about what is happening in their community due to the censorship on that platform. But these are just a few of the stories coming in and continue to come it, and its beyond comprehension that this is being suppressed, and people trust this atrocity of an experiment.

A documentary was released called “Died Suddenly” where several coroners spoke out on what they are seeing in autopsies, Blood Clots, Dissected Arteries, Spikes in tumors, all aligning with the stories I’m seeing come in.

It was quickly debunked by the main stream media, and they’re calling the very people they hired, “Liars” & “Conspiracy Theorist”.

This is our America, where your doctor is injecting you with an experimental drug, and people globally are all sharing like in kind stories of how their loved ones are all fighting life threatening illnesses after 2021, and they will tell you to your face, that you’re a delusional conspiracy theorist.

How is this science? How is this caring for your community by silencing those suffering? Every week we have news of young famous people dropping dead unexpectedly and nobody wants to research why?

We are now being told that heart attacks are normal in young adults. I personally have been to the doctor when I was 35 for heart palpitations, and was told right to my face, “You’re way too young for a heart attack, and you have nothing to worry about”.  We are literally being told what we are witnessing is just a lie.

When you can’t challenge medical or science, that is called propaganda with an agenda.

History will remember them all very harshly, just as we are still prosecuting 92 year old’s, for the holocaust.


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