How the Democrats can rig the 2024 Primaries to beat Trump

It’s no secret that the DNC rigs its primaries for whom the elite in control want to run the country, as they did with Bernie vs. Hillary in the 2016 elections. So, what are they up to this election to ensure that Donald Trump doesn’t get back to the White House? I think I have that answer.

A Tampa attorney, Michael Steinberg, represented himself in federal court, accusing the Florida Democratic Party (FDP) of violating his voter rights by exclusively placing Joe Biden on their primary presidential ballot. Steinberg argued that excluding other candidates was “arbitrary and capricious.” The lawsuit names the FDP and Secretary of State Cord Byrd as defendants. The judge, Allen Winsor, intends to rule soon on whether the FDP’s decision is a “state action” requiring court intervention or an internal party matter. The FDP contends they followed their standard process, while Steinberg emphasizes the need for a clearer candidate selection process. The court decision is expected before overseas ballots for the March 19 primary are sent out on February 3.

What does this mean? It means the democrats are rigging the election against former President Donald Trump by freeing up Democrat voters to vote against Trump in the Primaries.

The question is, is this legal and how do we stop it? This is what we are going to find out with the Federal Judge in Florida.

However in New Hampshire National Committee’s rules committee told New Hampshire party leaders to “educate the public that January 23rd is a non-binding presidential preference event and is meaningless.” In a letter to Chairman Ray Buckley.

They are hinting to their voters to ignore the Democrats primary and vote against Trump for say Nicki Hailey or Vivek. Doing so would likely give one of them the win if they can get enough to participate. Trump holds a substantial lead in all polls, so its unclear if they can pull that off. But the fact it is a possibility, we have to counter their attack on our process to ensure we get what the voters want. DONALD TRUMP!

So if the Florida case does not side with the defendant, then the RNC must do what is right and cancel the primary and give Trump the nomination as he is the clear front runner. Not doing so sets the stage for another steal, and this election is the most important in our history.

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At the end of the primaries, there will only be one candidate left. You can’t possibly believe that Nikki Haley is going to get that much DNC money that she will last the whole ride. When she drops out, and there’s only one candidate left, that candidate will be the nominee.
@peepso_user_2(Darin Andrews)
@peepso_user_31(Gato) truth, it’s just hard to trust a system that’s been so rigged in the past I.e Bernie Samders etc .. New Hampshire will be the one to watch cause it’s their state laws that allow them to vote outside of their party affiliation.. I thought Iowa was but I was wrong .
5 months ago
It says I can’t post anything. What do I have to do to write something?
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@peepso_user_31(Gato) hey sorry so long to respond.. If you’re trying to write a blog it’s best I make a video showing how.. I’ll have this done today and message you to make sure it works.. Lol I’ve been needing someone as yourself to help me work any issues out so thanks again for being here 🙏
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