Immigrant attacked for doing what he was taught by Leftist

When you read this headline I am sure the first thing you thought, was a conservative was doing his normal racist activity and beating up those they disagree with. But you would be wrong! I am actually talking about radical liberals attacking Elon Musk for simply upholding his rules at twitter.

Yesterday, Elon had suspended the accounts of several journalists for Doxing his location, after Elon had warned he applied new rules to Twitter, in order to protect him and his family from recent threats.
This caused a massive uproar from the radical media that has often celebrated the cancellation of many opposition figures, like former President Donald Trump.

Since Elon has taken over Twitter, he has cleaned house with radical employees who shared in the censoring of the American people. The biggest uproar has come from him firing back at woke employees over  gender pronouns, when he tweeted his were “Prosecute/Fauci”.

That tweet came after many bombshell file drops (also called “The Twitter Files”) revealing how the company had came to decisions to ban public figures like Trump..

Since those file drops, the incoming house majority has stated they will be opening investigations into Twitter, as they believe many crimes were committed by former top employees.

The American People deserve transparency not only from our government, but from powerful platforms like Twitter, that can alter natural elections through abusive tactics, like quieting public figures with algorithms designed to kill threatening stories.

The most popular story as of today is the Hunter Biden laptop, where he was alleged to have sold American access to places like China.

So lets sit back and continue to watch the sparks fly as Elon regains public trust, and enjoy watching these radical leftist lose their once powerful tool.

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