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triggered social

Triggered Social

Its called Triggered Social, where almost anything goes.. We are very similar to Facebooks layout so getting around isn’t very difficult. In there, is mostly funny memes & occasional nudity😂😂, But for whatever your sense of humor may be, we think you can find your niche.

It all started when I got together with comedian Amiri King, to create a space where we could express ourselves like the old days, before everyone got offended of anything.

We even have the best emojis on the internet that is surely going to make you laugh. So if you miss laughing and just enjoying your day, come and join the small family we have started, as we are just about to 2500 members and growing.

We have direct messaging,  groups, and plenty more coming to keep you all as entertained as possible.

Let’s Make Comedy Great Again! We hope to see you there..

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