Liberal run media sites running stories on the recently released hostages, is salt on an open wound

Yesterday 24 hostages (as reported), were release in a deal between Israel and Hamas (the evil terrorist group), that caused this horrible atrocity to innocent humans in Israel.

And now after 6 plus weeks of watching radical brainwashed liberals rioting and protesting Israel’s so called occupation of Palestine, and their media pumping out the headlines, they want to pump out articles like they stand with the hostages. Talk about fake trash news!

On October the 7th 2023, over a thousand Palestinian terrorist from Gaza, broke the border and attacked Israelis attending a rock concert, and local communities killing over 1400 innocent men, women and children. These animals raped women and children, burned babies alive and chopped the heads off victims, while their men were tied up to watch the horror.

They deserve no honor!

This in my eyes was as bad as  9/11 or worse, given the ways most of these victims spent their last seconds on earth. But yet we have uneducated terror sympathizers flooding the streets of major cities and campuses blaming Israel for the attack.

We have to ask where these kids are getting their views from because that is not the American way.

The American way is standing with the rightful religion to govern that region, as Judaism is the beginning of that land as it is one of the oldest religions dating back 4000+ years.

So to the big name media sites pushing this Pro-Hamas agenda, I say to you, ” please leave this country”  and join that society and prove to us that we are wrong of our convictions. There are accusations against these liberal sites, that they knew about the attacks and had reporters in place to film the horror. They deny them, but the proof is hard to deny.

My only response to you will be, is to visit Hamas .com (we won’t link that site to ours) and see for yourself what they are about.. If you can come back with the same position that you have now, we have no more reason to conversate. We will simply pray for you and god forbid you force us to respond.

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