Nancy Pelosi & the FBI will surely face a fierce investigation over recently released evidence over the Jan. 6th riots

With Republicans taking control of the house in a few short weeks, Nancy Pelosi and heads of the FBI should be very worried as subpoena powers shift.

We have been through 4 years of harsh interrogations and non-stop attacks on the former president Donald Trump, with several Trump associates going to prison mostly over lying to congress. Given how low they set the bar for a conviction, Nancy and her squad should be very worried as stacks of evidence awaits to be answered by them.

Some of her biggest stunts include 2 failed attempts to remove Trump from power, and the latest evidence released by Twitter, showing the governments involvement in suppressing factual news that could have altered the election.

House Republicans have also gathered a trove of text and email messages, proving Nancy was directly involved with denying resources that “time after time”, as  stated by security officials responsible for the failed January 6th raid of the capital.

Those internal discussions were just made public on Wednesday December 21st by Republicans Jim Jordan, Rodney Davis, Jim Banks, Troy Nehls & Kelly Armstrong. They stated that this evidence was deliberately ignored by the democrats leading the investigation.

Nancy’s intended failures deserves it’s own investigation, for dereliction of duty along with anyone involved with decision making.

Republican law makers will be under extreme pressure to hold everyone accountable, or face losing their seats.

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