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We are excited to bring you a new source to getting your local and national news. Peoplez Newz is going to change the way reporters do their jobs, so we can get unbiased news that is not a propaganda tool that is used to sway elections.

Since 2015, we have been torn apart by news stations working for one political party or the other. It is beyond past time to give people news they can trust is just news. This is why we are enacting strong policies that do not allow for reporters to write based on who pays us or who they support in public office.

We want our reporters to simply report the news that we have investigated for the story. We will look for organic stories that doesn’t force us to rush it to the public before ensuring they are getting unbiased facts, so they can decide what to take from the report.

This platform will not only change the way we get our news, but it will support our youths health & education as we are owned by the Intense National Football League, that will provide sports and skilled trades school in exchange for our work force program.

The INFL will be an Employee Owned company (aka ESOP) so those who help build this will own a piece of it for their commitment to the company.

Our program looks to bridge the massive gap we have of youth entering the skilled trades. But we must work with the white collar community in order for this program to succeed. You can read more about our program here.

We have put together an amazing business model that will bring you all kinds of amazing services at, where you can get everything from Home Services, Sports Apparel, Delivery, News, Social Media & so much more.

So we are inviting you to join our journey & help us rebuild our news source where everyone from all walks of life are welcome to get their news, whether it is financing, business, religion, we will simply report the news.



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The Peoplez Newz!


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