Turing The Page On News

Before 2015, I looked at news stations like CNN, MSNBC & Fox as just news and watched mainly CNN. Today I can’t watch any of them as I now know they’re just extensions of their political party pumping propaganda to sway people’s minds for votes.

This is why I am attempting to create a news site, where the news is just news, and you can decide what to take from the story once you have read it.

We looking for young journalist that have not been tainted from mainstream media outlets that are all seemingly tied to one party or the other.

The best place for that will be at the high school level, where kids interested in journalism can learn to find stories and write about them. For joining us they will also be given ecommerce stores, to sell merch & raise funds for their college fees.

So please follow us for your daily news as we will cover local and national news in as many categories as we can write about.

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