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People’z New’z is trying to change the game in media. We have combined social media and news together in hopes that we can take stories from regular people, and help them monetize if it gains attention.

So we need your help to grow this amazing site & bring news back to people they help create. I will walk you through the site features and hope you will come join us.

First is our News Feed

Just like Facebook we have a news feed, where you can post any story you feel is important to share, and if it gains attention we will publish it and convert to a pay per view story. How the pay per view works is people will buy credits for say 10 per $1 and if they click on your story, they will pay 1 credit. This is a great way to help content creators get paid.

The next page is our National News page

If we get a good story from you, we will publish it on our National News page in hopes that it will gain attention so we can monetize it for you.

Next is our Local News Groups

In here we will have you posting anything about your local community.

Next is our News Channels, where we have all your main stream Channels like Fox & CNN

And our last important page is our stores page, where you can buy products from your local group to help support them.

We are very much brand new to the game and this will undoubtedly take time to build, but we are hopeful that our way of building stories and making average people the reporters, will make us a more desired publication.

If you are interested in participating, please contact me personally and lets build something special together!




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